The Old Bakery, 21a Water End Road, Potten End, Berkhamsted HP4 2SH

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Coffee Mocha Bark


An infusion to delight all us coffee lovers and the judges at "The Great Taste Awards 2017".

Yvette takes 100% Arabica ground coffee beans from Sumatras Takengon Mountain region and using her TOP SECRET infusion method infuses the milk chocolate ensuring a perfect balance of flavour so you can enjoy both the creamy milk chocolate and the Arabica Coffee in perfect harmony.

Another piece anyone ? Oh yes please !

Couverture Milk Chocolate Min Cocoa 33.6% min Milk solids 20.8%

Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emusifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, 100% Sumatra Mandheling Arabica ground coffee

Dark Chocolate Couverture (Min Cocoa 54.5%)

White Chocolate (Min 28% cocoa solids, 22% milk solids)